Land reclamation and coastal protection works
Gulf Foundation

Land reclamation

In coastal areas, land reclamation is often an effective and economical way to create more space for new developments. Gulf Foundation has the expertise and experience to realise large scale land reclamation works and to build the revetments and breakwaters required to protect the new land from erosion caused by waves or currents. Our reclamation projects include realization of new land for ports, oil terminals, refineries, other industries, as well as residential development.

Gulf Foundation can perform the sourcing and transportation of fill material required for reclamation works. We further carry out the levelling and provide soil improvement services and techniques to test bearing capacity and monitor settlements for reclaimed or existing land. As a value-added service, Gulf Foundation has the in-house capability to provide geotechnical and hydraulic engineering and design.


Coastal protection works

Infrastructure developed in coastal areas require protection against the attack of waves, floods, rising sea level, wind and currents that is typical for such areas. To mitigate erosion that is caused by this attack and to protect the infrastructure in the area, the coastline defence can be enhanced by means of soft coastal protection such as beach nourishment or hard coastal protection structures such as:

  • Revetments.
  • Shore connected breakwaters.
  • Detached shore parallel breakwaters.
  • Groynes.
  • Sills.
  • Seawalls.
  • Floating breakwaters.

Gulf foundation has a proven track record in the realization of large-scale coastal protection works. For this type of projects, we typically source perform the quality assurance of the materials, provide the transportation to the coastal site, and perform the marine construction works in often demanding marine environments. For such projects we take on both constructions as well design-and-build projects where we have the in-house capability to perform the hydraulic modelling and design studies.